What is there to do in Vancouver during winter? With mild winters (compared to most of Canada), a large population of people who enjoy partaking in outdoor activities, and Whistler (the ski-bum capital of B.C.) so closeby, there are plenty of things to do outside during the winter months.

It may seem ironic that, despite having spent my teenage years in Calgary, Alberta—known for its crazy-cold winters—I haven’t really embraced winter sports or activities in the past.

As part of my goal to “embrace the season,” I’m going to really take full advantage of the winter season this year.

Vancouver Winter Bucket List - Tazim in Whistler

Here is my Vancouver Winter Bucket List:

  1. Snowshoeing
  2. Snowmobiling
  3. Ice skating outside
  4. Skiing

What winter activities are on your bucket list this year?

vancouver winter bucket list

I’ll be coming back to this list and updating each item with a link to a blog post or YouTube video with me trying out the activity.

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